Julian Ivaldy

Entrepreneurship in the Metaverse (Real estate, trading, play to earn, advertising)

28 October 2021, mediatic chaos after Mark Zuckerberg announces Facebook is changing its name… and has great ambitions for the years to come! With the buyout of Oculus VR, it aims at building the world’s first virtual universe, and with it launches the race for a world still unknown to most living beings: the Metaverse!

From this date, Metaverse is in every mouth, even if many promising web3 companies were already working on such a project! Although, we’re still far from a metaverse as we do imagine it, lots of big brands and ambitious startups started the race for this holy land. Every real-life industry is turned into a web3 project: people are already trying to imagine how to buy and sell properties in the Sandbox while UPS announced they are working on a virtual delivery service… The opportunities are as huge as they are now uncertain, but as you might understand, a new eldorado is now open both for investors and entrepreneurs!

We’re actually trying to prepare this transformation with “Alchemist Lab”. Building a successful 3D NFT Studio gave us the opportunity to explore the new horizons of the working space. Let’s dive deep into what could be the future of business, the future of work, and the future of life through a few examples…  

 Working Meetings and remote jobs

Covid showed the world the limits of classic jobs but people also discovered some of the benefits of working remotely. But working alone in front of a computer behind the same desk you see every morning when waking up can soon become complex. Metaverses could become a strong innovation to support new forms of work as the Lemlist team from Lempire started to develop. Imagine doing meetings in virtual worlds powered by VR Tech, transforming most relations with your colleagues into a new conception of jobs. Even Steve Jobs, in his own blog, predicted 3D Digital avatars used for working purposes. 

Fully immersive entertainment events

As Fortnite started to dig into the opportunity of online concerts, with collabs such as Ariana Grande or Travis Scott, the gaming x entertaining industry might be fully impacted by 3D Metaverses. At Alchemist Labs, we want to help build this journey, for instance, thanks to recent partnerships with Snoop Dogg and Babolex. Becoming the next Pixar of web3 would be for us the greatest achievement and that’s why we strongly believe that helping the development of digital 3D entertainment might be a great venture to go through! 

Real Estate and Land property

As the metaverse announces a new digital world, this obviously raises the question of digital land property… While several famous groups, holdings, and brands already bought a ticket for lands in some famous metaverses, real estate remains a blurry area that could lead to great business opportunities. Indeed, Metaverse expansion deeply relies on digital real estate leasing and might see many real-life companies expand and develop inside it, to provide new forms of digital services in their industry. All these businesses will need pieces of land and some are already for sale at expensive prices!

Shopping and fashion

Many fashion brands already understood this… since NFTs might be used as assets in the metaverse, so does digital clothes. After a few successful NFT sales from huge fashion players, the race has been launched and many designers try to settle the future of clothing. Our NFT studio Alchemist Labs is discussing partnerships with big Fashion players like Channel since many brands see a great opportunity to step into this new trend with digital art and adaptation of their collections as NFTs.

Travel agency businesses

Do you like traveling and discovering new wonderful places? Metaverses will please you! Many metaverses might spring to life and one of their main features is that they have no boundaries. Especially, lots of new horizons and millions of curious people willing to discover them. Digital tourism will surely be a great business to be part of since the possibilities are almost infinite. Ready to become a meta-guide?

Advertising and Marketing 

It’s already a juicy business in real life, and so will it be in the metaverse, even more, because of the buzz around this new innovation. Many brands will try and conquer this new territory to expose users to their products. Virtual reality can make ads even more engaging and immersive. 3D might be one of the explanations! Building 3D digital assets as we do at Alchemist Labs is proven to be a great way to engage your customers and promote your products in the metaverse. New packaging, billboards, pieces of land to promote brands, another huge opportunity to look at! For all these reasons, becoming the 3D Warner Bros. in the metaverse is kind of our objective…

NFT Sales Services

You surely understood that NFTs are at the center of all these projects. They might be the future of digital assets and build a road to bigger innovations. Since they could become very common and be used under lots of useful forms in a metaverse, producing and selling different kinds of NFTs with specific features could become a very profitable business. It’s what makes us hire ambitious developers and designers for our NFT studio since we sincerely believe they will build the future of this new era!